You are currently viewing Passione pura al vertice di Aci Pavia. Il presidente Scabini in carica per riportare il motorsport che conta in provincia di Pavia

Pure passion at the top of Aci Pavia. President Scabini in charge to bring motorsport that matters back to the province of Pavia

Forty-five years old, thoroughbred Oltrepadano and a passion that comes from afar, which sinks in a land where it was natural for the boys of that generation to grow up on bread and countersteering. All children of the 4 Regions, all children in short shorts feeling big among the big boys. A race that began weeks before, the nights behind the already grown-up boys to be late waiting for the drivers during reconnaissance-a party within a party-and that anticipation that grew and grew until race day. Logical that, growing up like that, one remains ignited inside by passion. Like Marino Scabini, president of the Automobil Club Pavia, which organizes the first Mythical Cars Rally. And who has a great desire to tell and tell about himself.

Starting with the birth of this idea, which took very little time to take substance: "This race is exactly what was missing," Scabini attacks to explain, "and when we first talked about it with Andrea Adamo we immediately hit it off. We needed to restart in part from the origins, from the kind of rallying that had made people passionate and that can still rekindle the flame. I really believe that the cars that will run here in May represent the golden age of rallying, and I think this is the right formula to rediscover many of those fans who in recent years had become a bit how to say distracted."

What does this adventure mean for Aci Pavia? "Aci Pavia is administered first and foremost by enthusiasts, and for us it is a great honor to collaborate with Andrea Adamo and all the other professionals involved in the organization. It is something that is a source of pride for us, which in some way makes us return to the ancient glories."

Can it be said that the Mytichal Cars Rally is the most important race organized in the area in a long time? "It can and should be said," Scabini sentences, "indeed I would add without any doubt that this is the most important race since the days when the great Siro Pietro Quaroni invented the Rally 4 Regioni. Now we are in a different context, times have changed and in some ways they are even more difficult, because there are so many bureaucratic rules and it is not easy to reconcile everything that is needed to properly bring a race to the territory. Before there was more space, but but passion and desire are, as well as potential."

Speaking of territory, how is this area that has rallying and racing in its DNA responding? "The territory is literally buzzing at such a level that I was literally amazed. Everyone is calling, inquiring, asking, wanting to know. And I am not just referring to fans, no this race is already involving all categories. Especially the tour operators are already very interested, all the managers of hotels, bed & breakfasts, room rentals all want to know. All the local authorities are also giving us a big hand and are deeply involved. And this, let me tell you, is a virtuous example of how every entity should work to promote our area. We, as ACI, do it through motor sports: if each entity did it with its own tools, tourism in Oltrepò Pavese would start again in a big way."

In Aci Pavia, how are you preparing? "To organize this race we are working side by side with a very good group of professionals, besides Adamo there are other figures, each with their own specific skills, who are really very well prepared. We are a team of about 25 people, who are working full time on this project. Also because there is no time to waste, all the documents have to be delivered within 10 days. For us, it is as if the competition is tomorrow. "

You are undoubtedly a passionate president. Where does this love of racing come from? "It's something I've carried in me since a very young age. As a boy I was both a race official and a timekeeper, and as soon as I could I started driving, first in gymkhanas and then in rallies. I raced for a dozen years and still do from time to time, but the role of president and organizer doesn't leave me the time to do it. But that's also how I vent my passion. In fact, I tried to get elected as president precisely to bring rallies that matter back to the province of Pavia, and that's what we're trying to do."