Helicopter Rally Tour

A special way to see the rally, an exciting way to admire Varzi and the Oltrepò Pavese and its villages.

"MYTHICAL CARS RALLY" will organize tours of about 20 minutes each on Friday, May 26 and Saturday, May 27, by helicopter to follow the various stages of the race from above.

The helicopter used is the H125, which outperforms all other single-engine helicopters in performance, versatility and has a configuration to carry 5 passengers plus pilot.

Approximately 900 H125s series aircraft are currently in service worldwide and are mainly used for high-performance missions in high and hot conditions.

The H125 features a Safran Arriel 2D turboshaft engine with a two-channel full authority digital engine control unit (FADEC), plus a third independent and automatic back-up channel and an automatic start. The engine is equipped with an engine data recorder.
Hover ceiling OGE
3,871 m (EASA certification Q1 2021)
Hover ceiling IGE
4,420 m
Fast cruise speed
252 km/h
Max* range with standard fuel tanks at SL
630 km
Max* endurance with standard fuel tanks SL
4 hr, 27 min
Flight envelope (Temperature)
-40°C to ISA +35°C limited to 50°C
Max altitude flight
7,010 m
12.94 m
Rotor diameter
10.69 m
Cabin internal volume
3.00 m3
Crew + passengers
1 pilot + up to 6 passengers or 2 pilots + up to 4 passengers
Max takeoff weight (MTOW)
2,250 kg
Useful load
973 kg / 1,082 kg (with dual hydraulics)
Standard fuel tank capacity
425 kg
Engine type
Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2D
Takeoff power
710 kW / 952 shp