Spectator regulations

As always, safety is a key priority for our community and the Mythical Cars Rally organizers are committed to doing everything possible to protect motor sport spectators, competitors, officials, marshals and media.

Spectators must obey the instructions of rally marshals. Spectators who are asked to move and refuse to do so are putting their own safety and that of others at risk. Where this happens, a rally marshal has authority to notify the stage commander that the stage may have to be delayed and the stage commander will immediately take the appropriate action, which may include stopping the stage.

Here are some tips that spectators should
• Always keep your own safety in mind
• Park in a safe place
• Follow marshals' instructions
• Observe and obey all event signs
• Stay within the official spectator areas
• Do not enter any prohibited areas
• Keep off the road or track
• Listen to official announcements
• Expect the unexpected.
On rally special stages in particular, remember:
• Cars may run wide on corners
• Cars may cut corners
• Cars may throw up stones