The MYTHICAL CARS RALLY aims to create the best conditions for enhancing sporting competition according to an awareness policy aimed at guaranteeing an improvement in environmental impacts by promoting the adoption of "good practices", the use of appropriate, sustainable and innovative ways to spread an environmental culture.
Sporting events are privileged moments of dialogue with all our stakeholders, an important opportunity that goes beyond the spectacle of the race to transmit values ​​and principles of awareness towards alternative "sustainable" models of life.

As organizers of MYTHICAL CARS RALLY, our commitment to environmental sustainability is more than ever felt and our organizational process aims to:

  • Create the best conditions for the enhancement of the event, minimizing environmental stressors, using in a conscious and conscientious way the territory that hosts it;
  • Generate added value for the "host" territory by increasing the visibility of regional resources and developing a social and ethically responsible dimension and in the use of local and sustainable products (territorial marketing).
Environmental Commitment Our commitment to the achievement of the "environmental" objectives and targets we have set ourselves can be summarized by the following introduced actions:
  • Promote an informed environmental impact assessment for every key decision regarding the conduct of the sporting event
  • Carry out all activities in accordance with the relevant legislative requirements regarding environmental protection and management, as well as the FIA Environmental Certification framework
  • Disseminate all the necessary requirements for the respect and protection of the environment by promoting responsible behavior by as many people as possible (workers, drivers, teams...)
  • Involve all local authorities
  • Identify in advance all necessary requirements in order to minimize environmental impact and disturbance to wildlife in the affected areas
  • Prefer the choice of "ethically" responsible partners and suppliers, with environmental certifications, if available, and products and services with good environmental performance
  • Manage fuel consumption, reduce and offset CO2 emissions
  • Promote separate waste collection and provide maximum opportunity for recycling
  • Use renewable energy sources where feasible.

The Environmental Management of the Event

The assessment of the environmental performance linked to the event, its organizational processes, products and services are a fundamental element in guaranteeing a high level of quality in our environmental work.
The organization and its top management have now gained in-depth knowledge of the dynamics and problems of the sector, as well as awareness and training on environmental issues.
Our path is to identify methodologies and organizational experiences, which can be improved over time, replicable and shared, setting up an Environmental Management System in which objectives, performances and goals can be "improvable", "measurable" (when possible), and applicable to all areas of Rally activity We are working with great commitment by setting up an Environmental Management System of the organizational process of the MYTHICAL CARS RALLY, in compliance with current regulations and in compliance with the standards of the sustainability program developed by the FIA ​​for World Motor Competitions.